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Let's sum up exactly what you get with…

Ad Magic: The Complete Guide To Creating Hot Ads, Webpages, and Salesletters That Work!

You'll be very happy. And I'm also including a very valuable bonus that could be responsible for making you an awful lot of money! More to come on that.

First off, you get the Ad Magic manual. That's 427 type-set, 8.5"x11" pages of power-packed information that reveals my proven step-by-step system for generating hot leads and customers with powerful ads, letters, webpages and posts time and time again…

It includes actual copies of money-making letters and ads that I’ve written for me and others. (These samples alone have been said to be worth the entire price!)

Second: You get my Ad Magic Video which teaches you my easy-to-follow "Secret Creation System" that makes writing ads and sales letters effortless.

This is a succinct, hard-hitting summary. It’s all here folks… (I’ve spilt the beans that the "big boys" didn’t want me to spill – and they’re mad as a wet hen!) This video is a powerful and entertaining presentation I did at a seminar in New Orleans where attendees paid $15,000 to learn from me and other marketing and advertising geniuses.

Third: You also get six (6) audios highlighting the most important points of the course and how you can get the most out of it — starting today! Plus more details on headlines, bullets, offers, guarantees, and more!

PLUS, I’ll be going over several of the sample letters in line-by-line detail on audio #6!

I’ll tell you the thinking behind each of these money-making sales letters and ads so you can learn to do it yourself!

The "Bonus": And, if you order Ad Magic within five days, will give you this HUGE FREE BONUS:

You Get Two, 30 Minute Advertising Critiques On The Phone — Direct With Me Absolutely FREE! (Valued at $590.00!)

That means, for the next 2 ads, sales letters, or web sales presentations of your choice, you’ll be able to run them past me or one of my top staff writers to make sure your ad, letter, webpage or post is ready to sell!

The usual charge for each critique is $295.00… but you get BOTH OF THEM FREEif you’re one of the few who will order promptly.

Understand, I only want to work with people who are serious about making truckloads of money using my course… if you are serious, order before this component is withdrawn… it shows me the kind of person you are.

But, that’s not where this BONUS stops! I wants to make sure you get the very most out of each of your critiques, thus helping you to learn to put together ads that sell even better. So, not only do you get advice over the phone…

You Immediately Get A FREE Recording Of Each Critique!!

This will give you a permanent record of your learning experience with me. Anytime you need a refresher course on that letter, you can simply replay that audio, and hear the money-making ideas flow again!

These critiques will give you immediate insights on how you can improve your sales pitch before it goes out the door!

Oh, and please don’t think these critiques will be some sort of quick "brush-off" like some other "gurus" offer. I promise that you’ll get hard-hitting, eye-opening advice – I pull no punches. If your ad or sales letter is terrible…. I’ll tell you that it is!!! I’ll spend all the time it takes to help you understand; and then I’ll tell you what to do to fix it.

Over the last 4 years I’ve done no less than 400 of these critiques and I know what it takes to make them worthwhile for you.

In fact take a look at what a few current Ad Magic owners say about the critiques:

"You managed to completely shred my composition"

– Neal Hunter, Neal Hunter & Associates, Syracuse, NY USA

"How DARE you, Brian Keith!!!! It took me several days of concerted effort and rewriting to come up with my sales letter. My family and friends all complemented me on it, and some of them even went so far as to say they would buy it themselves."

"I faxed it to you for some fine tuning and tweaking, (just so I could mail a PERFECT sales letter) and in our telephone consultation you managed to completely shred my composition…and repeatedly insult my ability… in just a very few minutes. And I enjoyed it!!!!!"

"And then you spent an hour showing me how put the pieces back together so the words and thoughts would be much more effective in convincing the reader to sign the order form. And I enjoyed THAT even more!"

"Hey, I'd like to stay and chat, Brian, but I'm anxious to get started spending another cuppl-a days stitch-in-a together my "all new" sales letter. Thanx, Friend: you have real talent."

"My sales staff can barely keep up with the leads"

– Michael Jans, Michael Jans Marketing, Vancouver, WA USA

"Dear Brian, Brian took my rough draft display ad, and in less than 30 minutes he made that ad sing! How do I know? Because the response from the market is blowing me away! My sales staff can barely keep up with the leads. My clerical staff hardly passes them on before we get more."

"Mr. Caples, make room for Brian Keith Voiles!"

"Your free ad critiques are clearly worth more than what I paid for your "Advertising Magic" program"

– Michael Katz, RT Innovations, Inc Washington, DC

"Dear Brian, Thank you for your critique of my at for the X-Port X-Ray Portfolio. I found your suggestions to be extremely helpful. Your free ad critiques are clearly worth more than what I paid for your "Advertising Magic" program."

"It's critical to help the buyer obtain maximum success"

– Walt Fifer, Distributor of Gary Null Health Products, Boulder, CO

"Dear Brian, What a great benefit to have you critique my sales letter. It's just what I needed after working with your material in Advertising Magic. You really showed me how to sharpen up my letter. It really pulled things together for me."

"So many times I've purchased programs that left me hanging. No way to check if I was doing things correctly. It's like all they wanted was my money. They weren't really interested in my success."

"Your critique proved to me that you're really with me….committed to my success. Whatever you do – don't eliminate the free critique part of your Advertising Magic program. I feel it's critical to help the buyer obtain maximum success."

As you can see, my customers are thrilled with the critiques — some even go so far to say that the critiques alone are worth more than the cost of the entire Ad Magic program… I believe they’re right.

So with the critiques, the course, the six audios, and the video, you’ll be getting everything you need to make your ads, sales letters, web pages and posts work for you so you can generate all the hot leads and customers you’ll ever need.

Internet Marketing Bonus: worth $129

Trust me on this one… If you're marketing anything on the internet, you need to build a mailing list. Period. There are marketing gurus who say, "Your business is your list."

That's just the beginning of what this highly acclaimed integrated ecommerce solution can do for you. It automates all parts of your online business, from charging and depositing funds, notifying shipping, sending confirmations and sales messages, and much more!

I've arranged for you to get the first month of AutoPilotRiches, this incredile, impeccable ecommerce solution and business builder at zero cost!

The true, ascertainable value of this bonus is $129, but most users say it's priceless, and they wouldn't take any amount of money to go without it. This will give you a way to examine it, with all its features, to see if it makes sense for you.

And remember…

You get a No-Risk, 12 Month Money-Back, TEN TIMES (10x) Guarantee!

Of course you get the immediate guarantee that you'll receive everything I've promised you here, in good condition – nothing broken, everything working. But beyond that…

 Try "Ad Magic: The Complete Guide To Creating Hot Ads, Sales Letters & Webpages That Work!" for the next 12 months. If, after you put my proven techniques to the test and try them for one full year, you find that Ad Magic hasn’t brought you in at least TEN TIMES (10X) WHAT YOU PAID FOR IT, simply request a complete nohassle refund. And everything – the manual, the additional, targeted audio and video training, and the FREE bonus consultations – are yours to keep even if you do get your money back!

Plus, all six audios and the video come with a life-time warranty… if they ever break or wear (out for any reason) – like getting lost in a device meltdown – I will replace them FREE of charge.

Think about it:

The worst that can happen is you’ll come out $590.00 ahead with the two consultations being worth $295.00 each. And there’s simply no way you can lose with one of the strongest money-back guarantees I’ve ever seen.

Here’s how to get going:

You get my complete "secret-system" for creating your own ads, sales letters, web pages, and promotional pieces. You get the 427 page manual, the six audios, and the video. PLUS, if you order within 5 days, you get the two, 30-minute ad critiques for FREE.

You get it all this for the low, low investment of $327.

Look, the Ad Magic course is the next best thing to having your own "magic pill" for getting leads and customers. I’ve set the price at an affordable level. Especially when you consider that you have 12 full months to use Ad Magic to make you 10 times its cost, or your money back.

Historical Side Note From Publisher:

We interrupt this message from Brian Keith Voiles…

So far, [almost] every word you've read was written originally by Brian Keith Voiles, in 1995. The only editing involves minor things like changing "cassettes" to "audio", and the like. That was twenty years ago!!

Hard to believe, isn't it? That timelessness… That alone – the relevance, the heartbeat, the communication you find in this message – should answer any question you might have as to whether Brian's system is relevant to you today. Not to mention that you've found it on the internet – so, yes, all this applies 100% to the internet.

At that time our network sold several thousand manuals at $327 each. Then, according to our original agreements, we took it off the market. We had a lot of upset wanna-bee buyers, but…

We still don't intend to flood the market with this valuable info, and are committed to releasing a limited number of systems only. If you delay, this offer may not be available at any price. This is insider info, and it's going to stay that way.

So the price in 1995 was $327. According to the inflation calculator, that should be $542 in 2015.

Don't fret, though, even if it's hard to believe, you get your copy at yesteryear's prices.

Not that the proper judge of value is what something costs, after all, but what it can earn for you. Nevertheless, you do save a pretty penny right there, and that's a good thing!

#End publisher note

Ad Magic will put an end to poor response, and start increasing your sales and profits right away!

We’re talking a real-life, nuts-and-bolts, down-to-earth, step-by-step system for pumping out ads, sales letters, posts, pages, emails and flyers that make you money… time and time again… I’ve done it for the "big boys", now let me do it for you.

You'll gain a brand new skill

What’s more, you’ll gain a brand new skill — the skill of creating powerful ads and sales letters that’ll put money in your pocket time after time!

A skill you can use to multiply yourself 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 times — every time you place an ad, or mail a letter!

Sure, you can go ahead and throw your same old ads, sales letters, and web pages out to the marketplace again. And you can hope and pray that your next customer generating promotion works out.

But why put yourself through it all?

Why not invest in your ability to take control of your profits, increase your lifestyle, and make more money by getting Ad Magic in your hands?

With it, you’ll discover the real secrets of creating ads, sales letters, and web posts and pages that pull customers and leads in like magic!

Think about this :

$327 is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you’re going to lose over your lifetime without this advertising know-how. That's money that could be yours…

Looking at it that way…

You Really Can’t Afford NOT To Invest In This Course!

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to move on this incredible opportunity?

Take action now, while it’s fresh on your mind. Ad Magic will give you the powerful cash-generating skills you need to rocket your sales and profits through the roof — forever!

Start Right Now!

Don’t put this off… you’re worth it.

All the hot leads and customers for your business are just around the corner! Soon you can have them practically lining up and begging you to take their money. Order now.

Are you ready to invest in your ability to take control of your profits, amplify your lifestyle, and make a lot more money?

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g-checkmark-rsAnd give this all to me for only $327 – backed with your 12 month, money-back, "10x Guarantee."

On these terms, take my order now!

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Brian Keith Voiles

P.S. If you want to discover how to quickly and easily create ads, sales letters, emails, web pages and posts that will have people lining up and practically begging you to take their money, you need to jump on this right now!

Ad Magic gives you everything you need to create powerful, money-making, profit-generating ads, sales letters & webpages right from the get-go.

Remember, you must order before the limited time offer on the 2 FREE critiques is withdrawn. If you really want to kick your ad, mailing, and web response into high gear, you won’t want to miss these critiques with me as part of your training.

Once the critiques are withdrawn, orders after that will not get the FREE critiques… sorry. Understand, these critiques are a $590.00 value… and that’s a lot of "FREE" to be giving away free… 🙂