Your Most Powerful Asset

Let me share a quick story with you, to illustrate the importance of getting your hands on this inside information so you can boost your business by getting all the hot leads and new customers you can handle. It's called… "Your Most Powerful Asset"

Bob stared out the window as the mail truck pulled up outside his office.

He ended an unimportant phone call just so he could be in time to meet the mailman at the mailbox. See, he knew that from many previous attempts, that there would be very little or no response to the mailing he had sent out 10 days ago.

He just knew it.

But he had a small glimmer of hope that this would be "the one"…. that this mailing really would work. After all, he spent $4,200 on the mailing – he went all-out with a nice, classy 4-color brochure that he paid a big agency in town to put together for $1,000 plus printing, a short cover letter which he spent hours on… and a sharp looking response card.

He figured this mailing would do pretty good.

As he walked back toward the office, Cheryl caught a glimpse of Bob out of the side of her eye. He was upset… the typical "another lousy mailing went sour" look on his face told her everything. "I tried to tell him" Cheryl thought to herself… "I just knew it would be a waste. Advertising and mailing is such a huge waste of money!"

Bob filtered through the "junk" mail; tossed aside his newsletter subscriptions; and pulled out a skinny stack of reply cards.

A whopping 3 replies… "Let’s see. That equals out to a cost of $733.33 per lead.… that’s even worst than last time!" he said to himself, trying silently not to blow-up in front of the whole staff.

Clenching his teeth tight enough to crack walnuts, Bob decided right then and there that direct mail advertising was nothing but a waste of time for him.

You see, this was Bob’s seventh attempt at the direct mail gamble… it was a gamble for Bob because he didn’t know the rules.

It was a gamble for Bob because he didn’t know the rules.

He knew that a good mailing campaign could bring him in "truckloads" of business … he knew it because he’d seen his best friend Peter do it time and time again. Heck, Peter could make money on full page ads in the trade journals… let alone the money he pulled-in from sales letters he send out to his email list!

"What’s Peter’s secret…?" Bob wondered. He’d talked with Peter about it before. Peter swore on a stack of bibles that it wasn’t anything Bob couldn’t do.

Tail between his legs, Bob finally went to Peter and found out precisely how to succeed with mailings and ads.

This is a true story. Bob’s name was changed – but "Peter" is real… in fact, his testimonial is in this very letter. Peter Sun has gone on to become Australia’s biggest entrepreneurial success. And he’s done it all through advertising, direct mail, and internet marketing.

And since Peter showed Bob what to do, "Bob" has become Peter's largest direct marketer in his niche in Australia.

You see, knowing how to put together an ad, letter, webpage, or post that brings in customers, leads, and orders like crazy is Peter’s most powerful asset.

It can also be your most powerful asset. In fact, it should be your most powerful asset. It’s an asset that you can leverage and use to make yourself serious money every single time you run an ad or mail a letter.

And that’s what my course is all about.

Ad Magic will teach you how to master the "art and science" of writing powerful sales letters, web pages, blog or FaceBook posts, postcards, brochures, order forms, display ads, classified ads, and anything else you need to generate leads and customers.

Owning the Ad Magic home study course is like having your own in-house copywriter on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because once you apply the step-by-step formulas laid-out in Advertising Magic your ads, sales letters, and web pages will practically write themselves!

Are you ready to invest in your ability to take control of your profits, amplify your lifestyle, and make a lot more money?

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